The home of audio mixing, mastering, and forensics.

How does it work?

Online mixing, mastering, forensics explained.

Prepare information and files into a folder, pack folder as archive.
Send Archive via WeTransfer.
Write an email an describe, what you want to be done with your files.
We will check your files and send you an estimation.
You will receive a MP3 file for evaluation. Send us an email with things to change.
If evaluation is to your liking, you send the payment.
After receiving your payment, we will send you the files via WeTransfer.
The files will be archived for at least four weeks after complete finish of the project.

20230127 TG

Klick Detection

Klick Detection

Klick detection in audio materials. An easy method. In Shorta. use a Gain Plugin,b. invert one channel,c. make it mono.Result: clicks are […]

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